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Men's Coffee

Men sex medicine Men's coffee
add sex time. help erection strong
coffee tast all herbal
remove all kinds of fatigue
Men's world best coffee beans used in the first, taking advantage of ultra-low temperature freezing dried instant coffee. all nutritional ingredients are fully preserved, taste creamy, round palate with silk sense of time. a long aftertaste. But the complexity of cold coffee production equipment, production costs are high, technically demanding. so freeze-dried instant coffee production, the price is high.
Ingredients:100%freeze-dried coffee, kidney grass,  xylitol, oil powder.
Health care function: activated sponge, add nutrients, remove all kinds of fatigue, more powerful secondary erectile impotence, premature ejaculation. But not held firm, but not very strong person and on the prostatic hypertrophy, have a good effect.
Usage and dosage: 30 minutes before sexual intercourse  to take this product with a package taking about 120ml water.
Production date: see the packaging as shown in.
Specification: 8 bags/iron box
Expiration Time: 3 years
Storage: in a cool, dry, away from light place.

Product Origin: China
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