Wenick Capsules for Penis Enlargement Hardness

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The product is in the from of powder, containing Doc.johnson powerful prsc ription, it can rapidly dissolve the tea, juice and other drinks according to examination by the US FDA and long term clinic application, the product does not contain any incretion and narcotic elements , it can be taken secularly without canusing you any addiction and side effects safe and secure , you need only one bag to easily captivate her , even a virgin can be driven crazy!
After taking the product for 10 minutes she will feel a strong sexual desire, And then she will start to get itching all over her body, her sexuality aroused, thus the vagina juice keeps leaking in large amount and she needs desperatedly a man's company , In approximately 20 minutes, efficacy of the drug will make her feel extremely itching and comfortable in the thigh and lower abdomen, Her body will get extraordinarily sensitive, along with the constant rhythmic constriction of the uterus, and waves of joy , she will moan like a lion, loudly even she is already semi- conscious.
[Effects]:The penis acquires 30% of increase, and the thickness increase 25% are above
Attain the larger to hope earnestly the degree
Have no to need the medicine to take your desirable to hold out for long time the didnt
Gain excitement is with the high tide
Clearance human body the kidney accumulate the harmful toxin
Attain the biggest and latent size
Don't need the aggrandizement apparatus, and not need the surgical operation, and not need the everyday practice
[Ingredients] Tongkat Ali, Roxb, Ginkgo bilaba,daminana, cayeme, panax, caltrop , Tribulus Terrestris, Etc
[Target Crowd]: Improve the kidney function, sloves impotence and the early ejaculation, small peins, prostate diseases, sterility of long marriage, male and female frigidity, awkwardness,pains of having sex, spernatorrhoea, sore wrixst and feet , poor sleep and memory , mentally depression , baldness, white hairs ,middle aged and older male adults who are physically weak with a kidney dysfunction, penis shrinking and shortening early ejaculation, scarce sexual needs etc,
[Usage and Amount] Take one grain of the WENICKS MAN capsules 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse
[Specification] 2200mg X 60caps/box
[Expiration Time] 5 years
[Note] The moaning will be so loud the you may need to pick a soundproofing location.   http://www.youthenjoy.co

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