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Product Feature: Furunbao male enhancement contains a variety of valuable natural plant extracts, the ingredients from 100% natural herbs. It does not contain any artificial agents but hormone-free. Its ingredients can help increasing the maximum effect but without any side-effects and dependence. Meanwhile it contains nourishing ingredients which enhance physical fitness and improve the immunity. It can supply protein to human body quickly and anti-fatigue, fully improve erectile dysfunction and diminished capacity. It has the effect of quick and long-lasting, it is suitable as a long-term medicament for people advanced in age and poor in health 
Main Ingredients: The substance refined from the kidneys of sheep,OX and deer, together with chinese Yam, Chinese date, Fruit of chinese wolfberry, Fruit of alpininao oxyphlla, etc... 
Funtions: Enhance male sexual function, and supply body with protein. Made from pure Chinese medicine being suitable for long-term consumption without any-side effects or symptoms followed: Dizziness, Vertigo, Tinnitus, insomnia more dreams and impotence
Speciations: 8 capsules per can.
Dousage: Take it orally, 1-2 capsule each time 
Guarantee Period: 18 months
Storage: in a cool, dry, away from light place.

Product Origin: China
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