Xueyu Langwang Male Sex Pills

 This product was made by using most advanced fluid extract new technology that helps completely maintain animal testicle androgen biological activity. These ingredients may directly enter penis and regulate  the interior expansion of blood vessel, encourage the blood circulation,rapidly enhances the content of androgens in human body’s blood,causesto powerful, stiff and coarse penis!simultaneously activates the cell regeneration to encourage molecular,influences on physiologic sleep condition of androgens to regain consciousness,powerful androgens once more grow up; thus, encourages the physical development of penis, futher strengthens the function of growth, promotes the penis to grow fast, increases thickness,once again reaches unbelievevable physical development.

Ingredients: Lubian, possession of bovine kidney (Whip), rooster kidney essence factors,Gecko fine, and ginseng, wolfberry, gingko leaf extract, refined An acid extract of Chinese medicine.
Reccomended: To the prostate  gland cyst, prostitalgia,anxious, the chronic prostatitis, the sexual impotence, the prostatolith, the prostate gland are large,the premature ejaculation,the wet dream, semination,the blood essence sickness, the few essences sickness, the urgency of urination, the urine pain, a night of urine frequent , the pleasant sensation flaw and so on to have the  special effect.
Usage: Oral one before going to sleep, the Housing prior 10to 20 minutes, oral one, showing Most Effection.
Storage: in a cool, dry, away from light place
Attention: 1.Cannot take continuously, teenagers forbidden to take.
2.If appears the frequent erection drink cold water
Specification: 7800mg*10pills/tin
Valid through: 3 years


Product Origin: China
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