Cheap Wholesale Fruit Planta Slimming Capsule

Cheap Wholesale Fruit Planta Slimming Capsule

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1 fast weight loss products without rebound 

2 herbal weight loss products, No side effece
3 keep fitting
4 OEM service
This is adopting vegetables and fruits acknowledged useful for weight loss by people for ten hundreds of years as raw materials, purified and condensed by modern technology. It contains the extractions which are helpful for the fat-consuming of our body and can suppress the appetite, and the extractions from Radix Salvias, Helianthus tuberoses’ L, Green plants of Celery fiber and Cyamoposis Gum, added with the perfume of fruits. A kind of new weight-losing and beautifying product without toxin, quick-effect and fashion comes into being.

Function: 1 Reduce weight of waist .thighs and legs, and buttocks.

               2 discharge toxin of intestine

               3 Special formula for decreasing and burning fat, keep normal body weight

               4 Balance Cholesterol Level

               5 Muscle Building ,Natural ,safe , no side effects or rebound.

Main ingredients: extractions of Southern Asia Kolar, Siberia Safflower, Birth and Wild Amur Grape Stem, a variety of vitamins, dietary fiber, tomatoes, apples, celery.

Usage:  twice a day, 1 pill each time, once in the morning and once at night, take it before meal 

Specification:400mg/capsules, 30capsules

 Applicable people: the people who are imbalance weight, pursuit of perfect figures, suitable for both females and males.

Precautions: children, pregnant woman, woman in lactation and patients with hypertension, heart disease and severe gastric ulcer should use the product with caution.

Storage method: stored in sealed condition at a cool and dry place and keep away from sunlight

Guarantee period: 24 months

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