Adult Sex Medicine VIM-25 Sex Capsule

Adult Sex Medicine VIM-25 Sex Capsule

 This product is a natural herbal formula, after taking no side effect, safe, efficient and natural absorption.


VIM-25,new strengthening effectiveness stronger and more safety, can effectively enhance the male in bed between performance and let your confidence, and enjoy the fun, covering 25 minutes after taking only needed to give you all the energy, using natural herbal essence, use modern preparation technique and refined, is worth your trust of natural help products.

VIM-25,extend, can quickly and fast libido and fatigue resistance, resistance to the effects of stress and allows you to add sexual frequency and power, and let your energetic, even will not affect the work spirit.


Method of use: every one that 30 minutes prior to taking shenyin.

Note:1 take this product after six hours do not use other medicine.

2 the 24 hours do not take medicine than 1 grain.

3 if a heart attack and hypertension. Do not use this product.

4 if you're not sure to consult a doctor after using this product.

Specification: 24capsules per box


Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Shelf time: 3 years


Attention: Irreplaceable role in drug treatment.It is not allowed to those who under 18 years old.


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