Cheap Wholesale Sex Love Secret Code

Cheap Wholesale Sex Love Secret Code

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American ginseng , netoginseng , make moth , pizzle , dog penis, dragonfly, east asian tree fern rhizone , herbal plooens extract etc.
Brief description:
Heath care product quickly improving impotent ,premature ejaculation , too safe
erection , sexual hypoactivity etc. ... enhance sexual life , the product absorbs
Chinese traditional formula extract, utilizes various natural medicine ,with advanced and quick effect and super critical compound technology, release medicine, with advanced and quick effect in shour time, which is longlasting and strongly effective , representing Chinese traditional medical essence in China 
Enlarge penis ,prolong erection time , enhance sexual life quality, especioally effective for
imprtent and premature ejaculation
Orally take one piece before sleeping with warm biloed
water , ( taking on piece 15-20 minutes before sexual life to achieve best effect
)orally take one piece every three days for daily health care
Suitable crowd:
It is mainly indicated for male loss of libido, short and small penis, dysfunction of erection and premature ejaculation, no activity of spermatozoa, oligospermia and other conditions. It will not result in any toxic or side reactions, and no drug dependence is found. 
Specification:6 pills * 2800mg
Valid Date:2years
Storage: store in a cool, dry place; keep out of reach of children.
1.Donot be hurried for achieving effect by takeing tooo much 
2.After taking the product , in case of multiple erection or long- time duration without ejaculation , take nore cold boiled water to relieve the symptoms.

Product Origin: China
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